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Kilograms of CO2 emissions evaded per month
Kilowatts saved per hour
Meters cubed of landfill saved per month
Lyrba in Mexico.
Lyrba has a well established reputation as a producer of recycled material with long term expertise in the Mexican Republic. Advanced technology and state-of-the-arts facilities optimize production costs. Giving you more for less.
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 Plastiwood Pallets- patented in the USA and exclusive to Lyrba in the Mexican Republic. This technology allows the manufacturing of wooden pallets and other products; all featuring high resistance and quality with 100% recycled plastics
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Transcend boundaries within the Mexican Republic through our company's well-established reputation and history of 20+ years. We have the necessary infrastructure to provide nationwide services in Industrail Maintenace, Compound Cleaning, Integrated Hazaard-Waste management and Integrated Special-Handle Waste management within the Mexican Republic.