Circular Economy- What is it?

A Circular Economy is a system designed to re-use recyclable waste in the production phases of new products. Thus implying that 1) there are less new raw materials needed to produce new stuff and 2) there is less waste. 

Therefore, Circular Economies- allow for an increase in productivity without increasing pressure on the environment. Since less new raw materials are needed and there is less waste harming our environment.

The purpose of a Circular Economy is to save our enviroment throught the means of re-using, recycling and reducing waste.

How does Lyrba fit into our Circular Economy?

Lyrba's job is to process recyclabe waste into materials that can be used again in our Circular Economy. The recyclable waste Lyrba processes is at risk of harming the enviroment. Therefore, Lyrba's processes not only limit waste from going into the enviroment but, also reduce the amount of new materials needed on the production stages of consumer goods. 

The 3-Rs 

That contribute to a Circular Economy.


500 years- the average amount an average plastic size bottle takes to fully decompose. 
This is where the importance of recycling comes in- it is crucial for the longetivity of our and neighboring species. 

You can make a lot of difference by just recycling properly in your own home- as the United States by itself throws away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable containers and packaging every year. 


Re-using is about giving value to what your normally throw away.

How you can re-use:
  • Re-use glass jars and containers you would normally throw away to store other items.
  • Use non-recyclable egg cartons to start seedlings- or just donate them away to local farmers.
  • Donate paper towel & toilet paper rolls to your local school- they will probably need them for projects.


Reducing is about limiting the use of non-essential wastes.

You can reduce your amount of waste by composting it. The fertilizer you get from composting can also be used to make plants grow bigger and taller- creating a greener planet.

Lyrba saves around 5,340 of landfill cubic meters per month. That's equal to 233.67 completely filled garbage-collecting trucks!