For bringing products/materials into the U.S.


For bringing products/materials out of the U.S. into another country.

Warehouse Services

Good storage, receiving and loading products/materials.

Our Network

Lyrba has an expansive 98,500+ network of suppy-chain management and logistics partners.  
Lyrba Freights

Why choose us?

Get your products from point A to point B or point Z.
Build Bridges
Lyrba is an international company- with 4 offices and 5 industrial plants all over Mexico, and 1 more strategic office located in Texas- we strive to build bridges. Thus, allowing us to connect the world and offer better logistics solutions.
Quality Solutions
Lyrba's expansive network will cover any of your supply-management needs- imports, exports and warehouse solutions.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Build bridges + Quality Solutions.