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    Our company's state-of-the-arts facilities and technology + the elimination of  commercialization levels and implementing efficient technology- you get- the value you deserve. Find the right product at the right price.  
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    Because our parent company has been in the recycling industry for over more than 20 years- our expertise are at your disposal.
  3. Greater Sustainability
    Our processes of recycling products- that come from various industries- contribute towards a sustainable circular economy. Thus, saving your enviroment and your home.

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LDPE Black

LDPE Mix Color

PET Green Preform

PET Blue Flake

Pellet FDA

Pellet LDPE

PET Blue Preform

PET Clear Flake

PET Fine

PET Multicolor Flake

PET Print

PET Sheet Clear Flake

Plastiwood Products

Made with our Patented Technology.

Reinforcing Base

PW- 1 4' X 48 Stage (Pickable)

Other Recycled Products:

Lyrba is constantly innovating and finding ways of recycling more and more plastic.



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