Lyrba Toll Processing

Process your products/materials. Choose any of your desired service or services and get a quote from our team.
Size Reduction
Shredding for larger-size materials. Grinding for smaller-size materials.
Products to be recycled- often have contamination that needs removal- such as other platics, metals and/or paper.
Melt filtration and screening to remove contaminants and other types of materials and to ensure purity of the material.
Blending the material to fit your needs.
Fitting the material into the type of packaging you need.
Taking out the material from their current packaging into a new type. Examples: super-bags, big-bags and polysacks.

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Lyrba Toll Processing

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Process your materials into what you need.
Build Bridges
Lyrba is a multicultural-international company- with global reach and offices in two nations. Therefore, we easily adapt to any local culture. Thus, breaking any cultural or language barrier that would prevent you from efficiently processing your materials.
Quality Solutions
Get your materials processed in the most efficient way possible. Get them processed into pellets- get them shredded- or even re-packaged into a super-sack; get what you need with our toll processing.

Get the value you deserve.