Why Us?

Greater Guidance

You deserve the best guidance on your journey towards finding the right materials at the right prices. Lyrba has a well-established reputation as a 20+ years producer of recycled materials in Mexico. From getting the right materials to any of our other services- our long-term expertise are at your disposal. 

Build Bridges

Do you strive to connect the world and break boundaries? 

 Lyrba is an international company with 4 offices and 5 industrial plants all over Mexico. We have one more office in The Woodlands, Texas- which gives our international clientele the advantage of being close to us from either country. Thus, allowing us to build bridges between countries.

Quality Solutions

There are no intermediaries in the production of your recycled materials. Meaning that there are no commercialization levels that increase the price of your materials. Therefore, we can truly offer the most competitive prices. Lyrba’s advanced technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, allows you to get the best value. 

More Visibility and Predictability

Be in control of the quality of your recycled materials- our industrial plants in Mexico are in charge of the overall processes of recollecting, separating, cleaning, washing and blending the materials. Thus, allowing us to control and supervise the complete process of the recycled materials and ensure that our final product- is 100% flake free. 

Greater Sustainability

Support our circular economy- send plastic and recyclable waste back to the production stage. Thus, reducing the amount of new materials needed and reducing waste that ends up harming our environment.

Striving towards the sustainable future you deserve- Lyrba takes important action in recycling waste. From our regular PET and LDPE products that we trade and sell- to our patented Plastiwood Products that allows us to recycle even more waste and with our initiative to work with Ocean Plastic Bound to save our oceans.

Support your Community

Lyrba has been the proud recipient of the ESR ackowledgment in Mexico. Empresa Socialmente Responsable- stands for- Socially responsible business. Through us, you can influence your community- to be a better place. 

Our Tree of Values






Striving towards a sustainable future...